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Easy to use AC drives designed for unique industry requirements.

Pump Control Sector

Pump Control

Dedicated AC Drives for energy efficient pump control and the control of multiple pumps without the need for expensive PLCs or pump controllers.

HVAC Building Services Sector

HVAC Building Services

Easy to use AC Drives for the energy efficient control of fans and pumps in building automation.

Elevators Sector


Dedicated AC Drives that provide smooth, reliable carriage control in all elevator and lift applications, whether geared or gearless.

General Automation Sector

General Automation

AC Drives that provide precise motor control for industrial automation including dust-proof, wash down duty and cost effective solutions for low power applications.

Marine Equipment Control Sector

Marine Equipment Control

Energy efficient motor control for marine vessels.

Combustion Air Fan Control Sector

Combustion Air Fan Control

Precise air modulation for efficient combustion.

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